My name is Tara Lemana, I am a portrait photographer and photographic artist based in Kapiti with a passion for photography and digital art. I adore family portrait photography,  macro (extreme close-up) photography and creating unique digital art portraits of people from all over the world.

My favourite type of photo session is the style termed “Glamour” here on my website. If “Glamour” photography invokes visions of 80’s style big hair, bad lingerie poses and vaseline on the lens, fear not, this is not my style. My Glamour shoots are about counteracting the message given to women by the media everywhere that if they aren’t shaped a certain way or look a certain way, they aren’t good enough. These sessions are about showing ordinary, every day women of all shapes and sizes that they are just as stunning as the models in the magazines – and withouth “nip/tuck” procedures. For more information about these sessions, please view the “Glamour Photography” page on this website. Besides glamour photography, I adore maternity sessions and family photography.

I love spending time with families, capturing their interactions in lasting, treasured portraits. I also have a love for fantasy art, which I indulge by creating digital art fantasy portraits upon request, combining photographs with each other and with visual textures of different media, creating portraits with a dreamy fantasy feel – there are plenty of examples in my portfolio right here for you to browse through.

If you enjoy my family portraits and wish to book your portrait session in Kapiti or Wellington, or wish to discuss your own digital art commission, feel free to click on the “Email Tara” widget to the right of every page on this site at any time.


Wishing you a happy day,

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Tara Lemana


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