As a mother of three young children, I know what a challenging, confusing, wonderful yet tough time pregnancy can be. While it’s different for every woman, it’s safe to say that many women find the various effects on their bodies difficult to adjust to, and often, as her pregnancy progresses and her body becomes heavier and more difficult to maneuvre, a woman will struggle to think of herself as beautiful.

To me, there is no better time to celebrate and salute you as a woman, than when you may be feeling less than glamorous and not at all beautiful. At a time when your body is not your own, when you are feeling uncomfortable and tired, your feet hurt and your back aches, I would love nothing more than to pamper you for a few hours. You can put your feet up and relax with some yummy treats while your hair and make up are glammed up, before we style you in some gorgeous flowing dresses that show off your curves and make you feel beautiful. When you’re ready, you’ll have your two hour, guided photo shoot with me, where I will capture beautiful images of you at this very special time of your life – images designed to celebrate you, your pregnancy and your baby, memories to last you a lifetime.

Once I have selected the very best 25 images and hand-edited each one, we will meet in person again for your very own image reveal and ordering session, where you will choose your wall art, albums and canvas prints. I only work with the best suppliers in the business so you can rest assured that every product you choose has been hand-selected for being the very best quality and providing the greatest longevity.

So what are you waiting for? Call me today to book your very own couture maternity shoot!